25. mai 2009

Sneak peak - LABRADORITE

A few of these beautiful stones will soon arrive in my mailbox...
- will they appeare in a pair of earrings? or as a necklace....? Im not shure.
If you like them and want me to make something special just for you - send me an email: hilded@anart.no and we can talk :)
- and the best part: It wont cost you more than a pair of pre-made earrings!
Take a few minutes and read the text under to get these gorgeous rocks to know!

The gemstone helps the wearer relate to others and assists in bringing forth each person's strengths to share with the world. Labradorite also aids in producing more restful sleep. The labradorite gem opens energy flow whatever centers of the body are most in need.

Labradorite also called the Viking North Stone is a stone built with thousands of layers that are reflective of different angles. The stone was used in navigation in the Viking Ship, where the reflections were used to calculate the direction of the sun & moon.
When the stone light shines on it from different angles to experience the many great reflections in all the color of the rainbow. (translate: google translate)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Du er oppe på natta du også ;)) God natt! Nydelige steiner. Gleder meg til å se hva de blir til. H.

  2. Hello my friend!! The grey stones are faboulous! I love this colour shades!It's a pity I cannot wear any jewels (a part from gold...)....I'm allergic to metals!!! Thanks so much for putting my photos on your blog...you're so kind my friend!!!
    Wish you a sunny week end...here it's raining today!
    Warm greetings


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