16. jul. 2009

One drop for every day!

Click to enlarge!

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Your choice!

The necklace is finished with clasp in adjustabel zices, 40 or 50 cm long.
You can buy one or several drops for your necklace.

Price example:
Sterling silver chain 40 cm with strawberry quarts drop:
Total price inkluded shipping: 400 kr.
Nickelfree chain 40 cm with LondonBlue QuartzGlass:
Total price inkluded shipping: 190 kr.

Why not have colour for all your moods?
To buy; just send me an email or leave a comment on what you want :)

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  1. Hello my friend! Your drops are simply faboulous! Today it's very hot...37° a bit too much for me to go to the beach...it's better air-conditioning!!! Enjoy a nice day in front of the sea and have a nice week end!


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