1. mar. 2010

ta da! ... the winner!

Random.org got me these tree winners:

nr.1 - get to choose first: Siv Una who does not have a blog. - You will get an email from me ;)

nr2. - get to choose second: Miss Stik

nr.3 - get to choose third and last: I fra Lahell

Please let me know what you want from my EPLA shop and I will ship it to you pronto!

Thanks to everybody for joining in! If you want something special made just for you tell me - and I will give you a good price as well :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. ... (lost my breath during two seconds) Oh, my! I won! That's so great! Thanks enormously!

  2. Herlig!! Endelig slo vinnerlykken min til, jeg vil gjerne ønske meg
    Blooming red øredobbene eller Deep in the forest. Om ingen av de andre jentene vil ha disse. Helst de røde :)

    Adr er
    julie håkonsen
    røykenveien 39
    3400 lier


  3. Congratulations to the lucky winners!
    A nice evening to you!


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