30. jun. 2010

PYNT... go get them :)

PYNT is a shop in Porsgrunn, Tove - the owner has her own blog "Lykke og Lykkeliten" and the webshop "nettpynt" is overloaded with nice stuff, take a look!

The earrings on the pictures over is for sale from tomorrow in PYNT and if you want them take a trip to Porsgrunn :)

- do you live elsewhere and see something you like send me an email: hilded@anart.no and I will see what I can do...

I'm also enjoying summer and the lily's are blooming in my garden:

Happy summer to all of you :))

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  1. i got it!! it's wonderful, and came exectly at the right time before the ball of my son! i really love it!
    the photos in my blog are still not the best, but not the last.
    enjoy the summer! it's also nice in hamburg, you are very much invited!


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