4. jul. 2010

my sweet friend ... finally you got your ring :)

Christmas gift in July :)
Torill is my oldest friend, we got to know when we were 5 and I moved in next door to her. Our beds were wall to wall and we could knock to each other before we slept in the evenings and when we woke up in the mornings...

We went to see "sex in the city" on Tuesday and had a meal after. Then she finally got her ring (sounds romantic yes :) we were joking about that we would run away on a cruise and leave our families back home :))
Hope you fall in love with it Torill!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nydelig ring Hilde! Elsker den fargen ;-)

  2. Hihi! I have a friend like that. It's a nice memory. Very nice ring. She's a lucky girl. :-)

  3. Du er trukket ut som en av vinnerne i min giveaway!
    Send meg din adresse!
    Klem Tove

  4. Takk for stemmene dine, Hilde Iren :)
    Håper dere koser dere i sommervarmen :D


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