26. feb. 2011

a few rings more in my shop ... *sold*

 SOLD: pink, peach and silver ring is sold, only one avalible is the amethyst-ring
Ive had a few days off from work, vinterferie, and the weather has been awful - and lovely - because then I could stay inside and make rings, my favorite hobby :))

Now the Epla shop is loaded with new rings and a few new necklases is also soon coming up!

The last ring in this post, the pink one, is made with a cab from Made in the shade, isnt it beautiful?? I love it!

But serious!! 
what happend to the call for spring, I really appreciate your shouting but outside my window its SNOWING! 
Come on! 
Get out and shout louder!!
Thanks :)

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  1. Hvor mye koster den nederste ringen i rosa? Kjempefin :)


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