16. apr. 2011

the missing green finger :)

My sister has 10 green fingers (have no idea what that means in english, in norwegian it means that you are very good in gardening :)

This picture is from her blog - visit it and get inspired! She's also in this spring-competition 'frøken vårtegn' - and I have voted - what about you?

I really wish I could have at least one of her green fingers, my garden - oooh, so sad, so brown, so neglected.

well, we can't have it all can we?
Happy saturday :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. We have the same saying, but it is a green THUMB instead of a regular finger. I also have a black thumb. Everything dies for me.

  2. hoooorra! you won the silver finger! it's nice that you can collaborate with the green finger of your sister. i find the combination of green and silver very nice!

  3. My sister can draw, paint, make something, she is good with colors, photos and I could keep on going - and I only have my green thumb! Lucky me - I have nothing else... :))) Intelligens sitter i interessen lærte du meg - spørs om ikke det er noe der? Thank you!

  4. this is my favorite kind of magnolia)


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