21. jun. 2011

am I lucky or am I lucky ??

Remember I won "handlaga 2011" earlyer this spring?
Here are what I got from some sweet sweet Epla girls;

The Bambi is from Revinyl, visit her blog she has so much fun projects going on :)
She has also an Epla shop, go take a look!

The drawing is made by my sweet sweet Ella, she's 12 tomorrow and she has always been drawing :))

I also got to choose something from t.O.k and it was'nt easy... I finally made my choise, the red handbag you can see on top. I also bought the cluch - because I fell in love with the fabric and ... well ... you can always use a clutch, right?? (have a few already... :)

Go visit t.O.k 's shop on Epla - lots of pretty stuff :)

No wonder Im happy??

2 kommentarer:

  1. I see your Ella likes to draw like my Caitlin AND they are only 2 years apart. Wish we were closer.

    Enjoy your goodies.


  2. Thank you !
    I'm glad you are happy :)


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