27. aug. 2011

giving away 2 pair of earrings ... closed!

Visit my facebook page and leave a comment - I will be giving away 2 pair of earrings - at your choice - when I get 100 likes :)

wish you all a great saturday!
Its raaaaaaiiiiiinnnnniiiiing and Tor with his hammer is out making noise today!

Not to long this giveaway, it already ended :)) Ive got 100 followers on fb! 

3 kommentarer:

  1. i am not on facebook ! i know we are not that many... but the earings are pretty ! i am visiting your shop in the evening - when time is on my side ; )

  2. not many of you :) I will join you in the giveaway anyway :))

  3. Regnvær her og! Har delt både på facebook og på bloggen! :) http://turidbylunddesign.blogspot.com/2011/08/regnvrstake-og-sjansen-til-vinne.html

    God helg! :)


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