3. aug. 2011

silver price to the sky ... serenity now *sold*

Mother of pearl, silver, you serene... (clearness; calmness)
Silver ring, lovely genuine Mother of pearl stone, bright and light.

Nok 350,-
See more pictures and buy it on Epla
or send me an email: hilded@anart.no

today I bought more silver for some blue beauties I have got. It was ... expencive ... silver has doubled its price during the last months. Its frustrating - can someone tell the world to go for something else than silver?? dust forexample??

well, I hope you forgive me for increasing my prices a bit, its not a cheap hobby I have and Im so greatful that you like what I do so I can keep on doing it :) Thanks!

Wish you all a great day with or without silvery frustrations!

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