20. aug. 2013

Do you need something green? and a little about clishes...

Im on Etsy and its a lot of fun making treasury lists, finding great things on Etsy is really not difficult... Here is my favorites this evening :)

....and when Im not on Etsy Im playing in photoshop. The other night I made this photo (right) from the left one. What do you think, to cheesy ? :) 
I think its easy to go to far in photoshop, its so many posibilities and the clishe is a fact :o

From this to that...

What about you, do you easily fall into the clishes?

2 kommentarer:

  1. well, I must say my dear, that indeed,only the face of god with his white bird coming out of the clouds is missing in order to complete the clishe...
    but who care!? as long as you enjoy it, a bit of clishe won't harm anybody.
    with photoshop and instegram half of the pictures around us are clishe, isn't it?
    have fun!!!

    1. ha ha, thats what missing Tami :) yes, you have probably right, we do love clishes dont we :)
      Wish you a great evening!


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