13. aug. 2013

Long time, no see :) but I have been busy! Here are some news from me.

This summer has been sweet 
:) sunny and warm and I've got time to make some new jewelry.

I also decided to close down my shop on Epla and open an Etsy shop. I have found a lovely community on Etsy with common silver smithers and that's the main reason I've moved.

My Epla shop will possible be opened again later...

From top you see a brooch and earrings I made for a customer. Its not for sale but Im considering making some more for sale - its soon cold enough to wear scarfs again.

photo nr 2 - 6: all awailable on Etsy: MONOtekst (click and you will enter the shop)

Thank you for following me, Im also on Instagram: instagram.com/monotekst
and Facebook: facebook.com/pages/MONOme

If you follow me you will get access to special offers and giveaways :)

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