26. nov. 2013

Christmas fair in Langesund, my hometown.

On desember 7th I will be at a christmas fair in Langesund, my hometown. Its outdoor and very very christmassy :) 

Im not a fan of having stand outside at wintertime but hopefully its crowded and lots of fun people there to keep me warm. 

Over you can see a selection of earrings I will be selling. All handmade in silver, brass, copper or iron. 

If you are nearby I hope to see you there, make sure to say hello if you are!

The next few days I will be showing rings, brooches and necklaces for sale also so remember to check in. 

If you like something you see but not live nearby Langesund please contact me on
hilded@anart.no and we'll figure something out :)  

And, yes, one more thing!
Im going to share my stand with this lovely lady:
KRABBELURE she is also selling jewelry, made from shell and other treassures from the sea/beach. 

Photo borrowed from Krabbelure. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. it's all so nice hilde!
    good luck with the fair!

  2. Thank you tami :)
    And big hugs right back!


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