23. apr. 2009

more customized jewelry

I made this for a birthdaygirl at her best age on request from her sister
- so fun, love to work like this :)


3 kommentarer:

  1. Great idea! Lovely present for a birthday! They are very beautiful!
    Have a sunny week end!
    Warm hugs

  2. Kan man lage et armbånd også i samme stilen kanskje? Veldig bra. Jeg bestiller herved. Pris er uinteressant ;)

  3. Hi, I am from a lil Island in the top corner of WA ST. I love your work. Keep it up! You should be very PROUD of yourself. Do you share where you get your supplies? My family & I do some creating, mostly for me it's therapy. I appreciate all your hard work. :)


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