28. aug. 2010

cuprum29 ... earrings and more earrings *sold*

Copper, brass, glass and gems = rough, large handmade rings with small dotts of colors = earrings earrings earrings :)

See more pictures and buy it on Epla
or send me an email: hilded@anart.no

fun fact:
Copper is antibacterial/germicidal, via the oligodynamic effect. For example, brass doorknobs disinfect themselves of many bacteria within a period of eight hours.[30] Antimicrobial properties of copper are effective against MRSA,[31] Escherichia coli[32] and other pathogens.[33][34][35] At colder temperatures, longer times are required to kill bacteria.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Maybe we should have students keep copper pennies in their hands (or in the case of Kr, a 1/2Kr) to keep their little hands germ free.

  2. he he, thats an idea!
    Wish you a great sunday Annemarie :)

  3. Nydelig!! Også så vakkert stylet!!


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