24. sep. 2011

Today - nr.9

My sweet 12 year old Ella has been away on a school camp this week. Its great to have her back :)
Today we are going to Sandefjord, some shopping, some hot drinks and a little peek at life in the city. 

The shop nr.9 is also in Sandefjord and Im popping in with some new jewelry to day aswell. You can see some of them above.

Wish you all a great saturday!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Gratulerer til Ella med det nydelige navnet!

    Disse smykkene over her gikk rett i hjerte på meg!
    N y d e l i g....


  2. wow!!!
    you were real creatve this week! it's all so n-i-c-e-!
    you are on my blog today.
    ella is a very nice name. in hebrew it's a name of a tree.


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