29. aug. 2014

and suddenly the fall came ... news in my shop :)


Some news in my shop.
Some turquoise rings still left.
The fields is ready for harvest.
Its autumn...

What about you, have you seen some signs of autumn yet?

18. juli 2014

Me time and summer = new stuff. busy busy busy :)

 Poison ring. Emerald and silver snake. Allready sold :)

 Woodkeepers ring. Emerald and silver bird. Avaliable in my Etsy shop: Woodkeepers ring

 Rose red dangles. Rustic and cool. Copper leafs, brass drops and sterling silver earwire. 
Soon in my shop!

 A rose from my sisters garden...

Rose and water ring. Silver rose and 2 beautiful watery turquois stones. 
Available in my etsy shop: Rose and water ring.

And rose and water necklace. Soon in my shop :) 

If you have questions or want to talk you can email me: monotekst@gmail.com 

Wish you all a lovely summer night!

18. juni 2014

some news for nr9 in Sandefjord!

 Copper earrings - dragon wings. Silver ear wire. 250kr.

 Copper, lucite, gemstone, vintage glass... Sterling silver earwire. From 180kr to 250kr.

 Silver rings with gemstones 350kr (summer prize :) earrings in copper and sterling silver.

Necklaces - brass, gemstones, vintage glass, lucite... each is 250kr. 

Everything will be avalible at nr9 in sandefjord next week :) 
email me if you have some questions: monotekst@gmail.com

Soon summer wacation. So ready for it!

19. mai 2014

new rings in my shop :)

A gorgeous star ruby stone in a silver setting. 
See more photos and buy it on HERE

The shield bug ring with a beautiful summer colored turquoise.
See more photos and buy it HERE.

Summer soon
New rings in my shop on Etsy.
My day job is taking a lot of my time so not so many news I was planning to have...
But more to come :)

I am not so very active here in bloglandia these days. More on Instagram.
If you have an Instagram account please add me and I will follow you back. Its always fun
to meet bloggers :)

My Instagram is: @monotekst  - comment on my photo or below and we are connected!

Wish you all a great week!

13. apr. 2014

Silversmithing ... how to?


I have taught myself silversmithing. Not entirely from scratch though... During my fine art education I learned how to weld steel and form it. Silversmithing is just a smaller form.

If you want to start smithing I recomend you to look at about 1000 videos on youtube on the subjekt. I have. Its so useful - everything you need to know is out there.

Silversmithing is my hobby, I cant knit or sew - Im much better with metal and wood. So I stick with that. I think.

The necklace is in my shop on Etsy. I used a bunch of techniques to make this. Hope you like it!

See more photos and buy it here: MONOtekst on Etsy.
...or you can send me an email: monotekst@gmail.com


30. mars 2014

Its almost summer out there.

 Magnolia blooms in Prague this week. Dont you just love Magnolia? I doo!

 Bright blue summer colored turquoise ring is now in my shop. 

 Gorgeous moss agate ring, large and bold and so beautiful. Mystic stone...

And at last. Black pearl ring. If you are a pearl girl but not the white one... this black will suit you! 

The rings is avalible in my shop on Etsy.
Buy them there or send me an email: monotekst@gmail.com

20. feb. 2014

Echo ... silver necklace with golden labradorite

All necklaces and rings are 40% off on Etsy this week
Ends sunday

New, finished today.
Golden and amazing labradorite.
Looks like a forest in sunset.
Sat in silver and with a sterling silver chain.

In my shop on Etsy 
See more photos and buy it there or
send me an email: hilded@anart.no


Come to me in the silence of the night ;
     Come in the speaking silence of a dream ;
Come with soft rounded cheeks and eyes as bright
     As sunlight on a stream ;
        Come back in tears,
O memory, hope, love of finished years.
O dream how sweet, too sweet, too bitter sweet,
     Whose wakening should have been in Paradise,
Where souls brimfull of love abide and meet ;
     Where thirsting longing eyes
        Watch the slow door
That opening, letting in, lets out no more.
Yet come to me in dreams that I may live
     My very life again though cold in death :
Come back to me in dreams, that I may give
     Pulse for pulse, breath for breath :
        Speak low, lean low,
As long ago, my love, how long ago.
by Christina Rossetti 

16. feb. 2014

one week sale - rings and necklaces 40% off :)







If you have a favorite ring or necklace in my shop it can be a good time to buy it now.
This week Im having a 40% off sale :)

Click on the images to see more pictures and details.

If you dont want to shop on Etsy you can send me an email: hilded@anart.no

9. feb. 2014

pearl earrings ... twigs with waterdrops

I have just finished these
Handmade silver twigs with silver drops and freshwater pearl

300kr / 50$
Send me an email: hilded@anart.no if you want them :)

I also want to share my favorite artist these days:
Agnes Obel

Let's go tonight, to let the beast run wild
with the dogs and the cattle, let's go.
I know you've said, it's like a heel to the head,
or a girl in your bed and your arms.
For the butter on your bread, for the dying and the dead,
for your cheeks turning red, let's go.
Let's go tonight, let the beast run a mile,
with the dogs and the cattle, let's go. 

from the album Philharmonics

4. feb. 2014

is your birth month February? Then your birthstone is Amethyst :)

Amethyst is february birthstone
its also a 'sleep' stone and will keep you calm :)

The necklace is for sale for 700 kr (115$) but if you are born in february... 

I will give you a discount the same as your age - hi hi. 

     700 kr
-     45% (your age?)
=  385 kr

Just ask me and I will find out the price for you :)

Copper earrings
Leafy style
With sterling silver earhook
Buy them on Etsy: MONOtekst
or send me an email: hilded@anart.no

Copper brooches
Leafy style
With sterling silver or copper pin.
Buy them on Etsy: MONOtekst
or send me an email: hilded@anart.no

I love copper
and silver - and together its even prettyer.

what about you? 
Like or not? 

22. jan. 2014

treasury hunt on Etsy

On Etsy you can find all kind of strange and beautiful things. Here are my favorites right now. 
Birds - and machines :) 

Follow this link: Birds and Machines to see the list and the products.

20. jan. 2014

News news news :)

 Labradorite and silver nest ring. *sold*

Malachite silver ring, in my Etsy shop

 Banded agate ring, in my Etsy shop. 
Large freshwater pearl ring in my Etsy shop. 

Making rings is one of my favorites, actually I started making jewelry because I wanted rings, rings and rings... And there were no way I could afford the rings I wanted. 
So, I started making my own.

I tend to make all kind of rings, often I start with a hunt for stones: 

... next step is the design, I have to plan what to make and how Its going to be worn: 

...Then I have to make the ring or necklace from sheets of silver, wire and silver pebbles.
Its a great hobby, best I can imagine.
I have my work station in the livingroom, at the dining table. 
That way I can be where my family is and still do what I love.

A litte quote from one of my favorite poets at the end of this story:
A certain minor light may still
Leap incandescent

Out of kitchen table or chair
As if a celestial burning took
Possession of the most obtuse objects now and then ...
Sylvia Plath

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