13. apr. 2014

Silversmithing ... how to?


I have taught myself silversmithing. Not entirely from scratch though... During my fine art education I learned how to weld steel and form it. Silversmithing is just a smaller form.

If you want to start smithing I recomend you to look at about 1000 videos on youtube on the subjekt. I have. Its so useful - everything you need to know is out there.

Silversmithing is my hobby, I cant knit or sew - Im much better with metal and wood. So I stick with that. I think.

The necklace is in my shop on Etsy. I used a bunch of techniques to make this. Hope you like it!

See more photos and buy it here: MONOtekst on Etsy.
...or you can send me an email: monotekst@gmail.com


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